Learning Objectives

One of the challenges in implementing effective Wrapround is supporting teams and families to have a sense of progress adequate enough to allow the formal process to end. This session will examine the processes and tools useful in benchmarking, or maintaining a sense of progress in Wraparound. When families have a sense of progress a conversation about the next level of care, what happens after Wraparound can occur. This session will look at key conversation and work areas that, when addressed during the transition phase of wraparound, support the move from formal wraparound to what ever comes next for each individual family. Tools and processes for helping team members be prepared for this transition will also be examined.

- Participants will learn and practice key process steps used in measuring and reporting progress in Wraparound teams.
- Participants will examine and practice implementing approaches to content areas critical for families and teams to support transitioning away from Wraparound.
- Participants will learn strategies for addressing team reluctance to transition away from formal Wraparound processes.
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