Learning Objectives

In most settings the field of wraparound has treated the process of addressing crisis and safety needs as if they were part and parcel of the same thing and this has been evidenced by the expectation that facilitators create what is often referred to as a “crisis/safety” plan. This session will provide a framework and process tools that help us treat these aspects of family and community life differently. Crisis is a time when we are not sure what to do. Safety moments represent real risks that can be proactively programmed for by teams. This session will provide a framework for differentiating between crisis events and safety challenges and will lay out tools for responding to each within the Wraparound team processes.

- Participants will learn to differentiate between crisis and safety challenges
- Participants will learn tools and processes for responding to crises lived by families supported by Wraparound teams
- Participants will learn processes and tools that will assist in planning for improved responses to known safety risks lived by families and those near them
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