Learning Objectives

Team is a central concept and operational reality for Wraparound implementation. Family, helper, and natural support participation is a critical assumption in the delivery of effective Wraparound response with families. In the field developing and supporting this balanced membership is a real challenge, many teams fall short of this rubric. This session will focus on supporting facilitators to develop an effective set of alternative approaches to teams directed at improving our success at building the kinds of teams we hope for in the delivery and management of the wraparound process with families. This session will examine two frameworks for team; altruism and self-benefit and will provide an opportunity for facilitators to explore new strategies for team recruitment and development.

- Participants will identify and explore the limits of the dominant approach to teams in the wraparound field.
- Participants will explore the difference between the underlying assumptions of altruism and self-benefit as they relate to team recruitment, formation, and maintenance.
- Participants will learn and practice new approaches to building teams with families.
- Participants will learn and practice new approaches to recruiting and supporting team members over time.
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